World Cup Betting 2022

Warena is offering a new exclusive service feature for DeFi Land. The Simple World Cup football betting feature allows users to fight against each other by correctly guessing World Cup matches


The loser of each match will lose their money (RENA or BUSD) to the winning team. The losing team wager will be charged a 4% service fee before transfer. The prize pool is divided for all winners of that match.

📌 Note for calculating money received = (Total amount of loser team - 4% service fee) * The money you bet / Total amount of money of the winning team.


  • Step 1: Connect your Meta Mask wallet & choose a MATCH you want to bet at

    • Remember to create an account to bet (Notice: This account doesn't have to be the same as your existing Warena account)

  • Step 2: To choose a match you want to bet, tap "Upcoming" button (at "betting" tab) to view the list

  • Choose one of the following corresponding categories:

    • Category 0: Home win by 2+ goals

    • Category 1: Home win by 1 goal

    • Category 2: Draw

    • Category 3: Away win by 1 goal

    • Category 4: Away win by 2+ goals

  • Step 3: Wait to see the final score & receive the reward after 24h

📌 Note: All winning wagers will be transferred to all winners within 24 hours of the match ending.


The accepted final result will NOT include a “penalty” or “extra time”. All players who bet on incorrect results will lose their full bet amount. Players who bet on the correct result will get their original wager returned and their portion of the winning pot.

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