Earning in Warena

As Phase 1: Survival game for Warena launches, we want to take a moment to discuss some of the specifics of how the play-to-earn model works.

Introducing $WARE

$WARE is the in-game currency, used to level up warriors and purchase items. Mystery boxes can be purchased using $WARE.

In addition, $WARE is the main currency earned while playing the game. In rare cases, $RENA can also drop as a reward, but for the matter of discussion, weโ€™ll stick with $WARE.

Currently, there will be 4 main ways to earn the $WARE currency in-game.

  • Daily Quest

  • Adventure

  • One-time Milestones

  • Weekly Rank Challenge

  • Daily World Boss Ranking

The daily quest will have fixed token earnings and be the daily grind for all users.

Adventure on the other hand will be a series of claimable rewards for passing missions or stages as a player plays the game. After a series of stages are completed, there will also be one-time claimable rewards for reaching certain milestones.

Lastly, for the weekly top 100 players, there will be additional rewards based on a predetermined ranking method.

Daily Quest

This is the main way for players to earn a stable number of $WARE just by completing the daily tasks.

Missions include taking part in matches, taking part in challenges, and winning challenges with certain types of criteria.


After completing a match, there will be rewards for defeating the enemies. $WARE can be earned every time an adventure is completed.

When a player, for example, clears a full stage, there will be bonus rewards to do so. These are one-time milestones for each player.

For example, once stage 1 is finished, 50 $WARE will be rewarded. The same goes for each additional stage up to 10. Then from stages 11โ€“20, the reward is bumped up to 80 $WARE. There are, at the moment, 150 stages available to clear โ€” so that is a lot of $WARE to earn!

World Boss

Basically, a World Boss is a raid boss-level monster that appears in the main, shared game world. Like any other game, Warena World Boss has various stages and difficulties involving powerful bosses.

Every day there will be a World Boss created for all players to fight. The World Boss will appear at 6 AM UTC daily and disappear (whether defeated or not) at 11:59 PM UTC.

Battling with a World Boss in Warena not only enhances your playing skills but also rewards you handsomely. Each victory has a guaranteed reward attached to it. The result of the battle will calculate the damage done to the boss and cost accordingly to the World Bossโ€™s HP display.


For players who are particularly active, there will be a Challenge ranking mechanism in place that resets every Wednesday at 0:00 (UTC).

The top-ranked player in Warena will get a large amount of $WARE every week. The rewards go down from 2โ€“100 of course, but ranking players will feel good that their efforts have paid off (literally!)

In addition, battling the World Boss also gives you chance to earn more $WARE every day if you're in the top 50. The reward will go straight to your game mailbox after the Boss is defeated or time out.

Other ways Play-to-Earn is Applied

Apart from earning $WARE through gameplay, Warena players can also stake $RENA to the platform and begin to earn interest on their governance token. There will also be mechanisms put in place for players to lease their warriors to other players, in which the renter receives a % of the rewards gained by the lessee.

As players also begin to accumulate a roster of new amazing warrior NFTs, they too can sell off certain warriors they may no longer want within the Warena Marketplace.

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About Warena

With the vision of bringing blockchain games to mass adoption, Warena is the worldโ€™s first cross-over Play-to-earn Game that allows you to live, play and earn in a cross metaverse using your personalized NFT character.

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