๐Ÿ”ฅ3D Official Launch

Enter Warena 3D, the Metaverse is officially upon us.

Today (Nov 09th, 2022) marks the official launch of the Warena 3D game. Take your gaming into a whole new virtual world. In Warena 3D players can play games, socialize and perform in-game DeFi activities. Warena 3D is an immersive experience where players are free to interact, form guilds, hunt, farm, gather and compete all at their own pace. With so many player options available, Warena 3D allows players the ultimate freedom to explore and do what they want, as they earn real in-game assets that can be used to upgrade NFT players, lands and more!

  • 3D Metaverse Official Launch: Nov 09th, 2022


If you enjoy this app, a positive rating or review would be greatly appreciated as a sign of support. Warena is a game driven by the community, and the direction that game takes is highly reliant on the feedback of our dedicated players.

We love to hear from you and receive your feedback. Please drop us a message on the Official Warena Discord community.

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