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The Warena Story

The Warena Metaverse is centered in Emporia, the finite region by which Warena players buy, trade, and develop their Warena assets. Within Emporia players have a multitude of passive and active ways they can earn, and engage in the Warena story. Warena began with a 2D survival game, and has since entered phase 2 of development, the Warena Metaverse which has the Warena 3D game along with purchasable land which can be used to mine, build upon, form guilds and form the base for your Warena empire. The game story of Warena begins in the year 2129. During this time in history, great developments within robotics, cybernetics and virtual reality have ushered in a new era of human civilization. Technology invades every aspect of people’s lives, and the boundary between human and machine... is blurred.
However, as technology continually evolves and rapidly advances, the increased need for resources, metals and energy sources has pushed the earth into World War 3. The survival of nation states depends on increasingly limited resources, prompting the use of biological and nuclear weapons. As often is the byproduct of war, the period saw an increased focus and investment into new technologies. This led to the rise of a highly advanced Artificial Intelligence system with one goal.... eradicate the human species from existence.
To combat the robot invasion, humans had no other choice but to further develop new forms of implants and bio-tech to have any chance to survive, but there was an unforeseen consequence. The humans created a virus that could attack the robotic systems of their enemy, but the robots had been made in their master's vision, and shared systems that mimicked human biology. The virus which was meant to destroy the human opposition, infected both the biological and the mechanical, turning the infected into zombies.
The sentient A.I. saw that only by combining forces with the remaining humans could victory be possible over the zombies. Over the next 100 years, the survivors lived in isolated bases and quarantine facilities, but resources remained scarce, leading to further war and conflict between opposing factions, on top of the dangerous zombie hordes that roam the wastelands outside the human bases.
Eventually the robot and human alliance was able to invent a new weapon, one that would defeat the zombie hordes once and for all. This energy weapon was designed to attack only those infected by the virus, but something went wrong! The weapon ended up fragmenting the very fabric of space-time. The world was split into different dimensions (the Metaverse). Following the event, new sentient beings started to invade. What were once considered myth, elves, demons and more began to come from different dimensions and fight for what territory remained. War and peace, alliance and enemy all took on new meanings. This is where our story begins... This is Warena!