Clovers Ventures

Clovers Ventures joins Warena as an important partner and advisor ahead of launch

Warena is excited to announce that Clovers Ventures, with their best “go-to-market” strategy and advice, is joining Warena as a strategic partner and bringing successful investment experience from over 40 projects, including My Defi Pet and Thetan Arena.

“With the tremendous knowledge and marketing resources that Clovers Ventures brings to the table, Warena is building a strong foundation upon which we can ensure an incredible gaming experience, not only at launch, but for years to come,” said Minh Doan, co-founder of Warena, “and we are specifically excited to have Paulus Pham, the founder of Clovers Ventures, officially joining the team as a strategy advisor.”

Although only being founded in 2020, Clovers Ventures has already established itself as one of the top well-known Venture Capital bases in Vietnam, who exclusively focuses on Blockchain Infrastructure, NFT Market Place and the DeFi Ecosystem.

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