Warriors Elements

All Warena NFTs and their moves are assigned certain elements. Each element has several strengths and weaknesses in both attack and defense.

In battle, you should use NFTs and moves that have an element advantage over your opponents; doing so will cause much more damage than normal.

Origin of the elements

From the dawn of civilization, the concept of the 5 basic elements, these being Metal, Water, Fire, Earth, and Wood has pervaded all culture, stories, myths, and knowledge. The smallest particles to all life under the sun and even the very solar system itself is said to be comprised of some combination of these elements.

Subsequently, the Warena metaverse is also comprised of similar elements, with the one difference being that Wood is substituted with Nature.

When humans began to experiment with the combination of tech and their bodies, one of the consequences was that sometimes, one of these elements would mutate and grant the owner the power to control fire, water, earth, metal, or nature.

As the experiments continued and the cyborg race evolved, the strength to control an element increased - however - there was a side effect. As one element grew in power, the user would become increasingly susceptible to a counter element.

During the battle, smart leaders are able to organize their warriors in a way that takes advantage of their enemies' mortal weaknesses.

When a warrior has a tactical elemental advantage, they also receive a defensive boon against that particular elements' attacks.

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