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Warena and Master Ventures agree to long-term partnership

Master Ventures, an industry leader and stalwart in the blockchain-adoption space, has joined the Warena project as a strategic partner.

Through the partnership, WARENA will be able to expand player opportunities and in-game elements while at the same time allow the company to scale, providing NFT enthusiasts with a revolutionary gaming experience.

Master Ventures is a blockchain-focused Venture Studio, building the next generation of infrastructure companies to drive the implementation of blockchain technology. The studio coalesces visionary ideas, exceptional talent, and investment capital to help build world-changing companies.

Since the announcement on September 8, 2021, the Warena Twitter community expanded from less than 10K followers to over 50k in 4 days. The attention and hype surrounding WARENA is both evident and clear.

“Warena is paving the way for the development and adoption of an entirely new generation of games that are no longer controlled from centralized servers. These games will run and scaled in a sustainable fashion by the players themselves,” said Minh Doan, Co-founder of Warena.

Master Ventures currently holds an estimated $1 Billion+ in private-market digital asset investments including the PAID Network. The studio also has over 100 contributing employees & incubator-company associates across 4 continents & 12 nations.

The Master Ventures motto is fairly straight forward: “Dream it. Deploy It.”

About Master Ventures:

Master Ventures, is a large operator, incubator, and investor in over 50 digital asset and blockchain networks since 2013. As a private, blockchain-focused venture capital firm, Master Ventures has a large proprietary network of in-house active management, analysts, and developers. The founder, Kyle Chasse, is a long-time decentralization visionary, with early investments in Ethereum, Ripple, Coinbase, Bitfinex, Kraken, Circle & Master Node Operator of Dash.

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