Guild Function

1. Create a Guild

To create a Guild, players must own a Land NFT and have 200 RENA for the creation fee. Once players meet these two criteria, they can access the Create Guild button on their land. Each Land NFT can have one Guild created.

Create your own Guild at

Once you created a Guild Land, you cannot convert it back into Normal land.

The name limit for each Guild is 30 characters, and the description limit is 150 characters. Name and Description cannot contain words on the blocklist.

2. Join and Leave

Players can Send Requests to the Guild they want to join in the Guild List. Each player can send up to 20 join requests. The request will be automatically deleted after seven days from the time of sending, or if the player has joined another Guild. Only Guild Leaders can confirm or deny the requests. If one request is granted before another, the player will join that Guild, and other requests will be void.

Players can leave the current Guild to join new Guilds by clicking the LEAVE button on the Guild Information tab. If the player is a Senior, they will receive back the RENA they staked and cannot continue to stake until they enter a new Guild.

3. Guild Information

All Guild members can view their Guild information. Guild information includes Guild name, level, description, number of current members, and rank of Guild members by Contribution Point. The rank of Guild members does not reset.

4. Guild Manager

Only Guild Leaders can access Guild Manager. The feature helps Guild Leader to edit and manage Guild members with the following features:

  • Rename: The Guild Leader can change the Guild name. Each Rename costs 5000 WARE.

  • Description: The Guild Leader can change the description of the Guild. Free of charge.

  • Approve member: Every time someone wants to join the Guild, the Guild Leader will receive an in-game mail notification. The Guild Leader has the right to accept or reject that request.

  • Remove member: The Guild Leader can remove any member from the Guild. That member will receive in-game mail regarding the removal. There will be a seven-day countdown before officially being removed for those who have RENA staking progress in the Guild. Removed members must claim the RENA and interest within the seven-day countdown.

5. Chat

All Guild members can use this chat room to talk to other Guild members. The chat will show the latest 50 messages and can store up to 1000 messages simultaneously.

6. Contribution

All Guild members can use this feature to burn WARE and stake RENA. There are two metrics players need to focus on:

  • Contribution Point: 1 Rena stake = 1 Contribution Point.

  • Capacity: the amount of RENA they can stake. Guild members need to burn WARE to increase Capacity with the ratio of 100 WARE = 1 RENA. After that, members can go to Emporia to stake RENA and earn Contribution Point for your Guild. The minimum amount for each time of stake is 20 RENA and a seven-day period till the next Stake.

During the staking cycle, if a player clicks on Contribution, they will be redirected to the interest detailed tab. At the end of the staking cycle, the reward includes interest and Guild Currency at the rate of 4 RENA Stake = 1 Guild Currency. After 4 hours from the end of the staking cycle, the system will automatically stake the same amount of RENA as the previous cycle if the players don’t claim their interest. Auto-stake can be done 4 times, after that the player must revoke their stake to stake again.

Guild Currency will be reset if the player leaves or is removed from the Guild.

7. Market

All Guild members can use Market to buy Minerals and Materials for NFT level up and skill upgrade with either WARE or Guild Currency. Each player has a certain amount of items that can be purchased per day. This amount will be reset daily and not be accumulated.

For each Guild level, there will be fixed slots for items to appear in the Market. Items shown will be randomly generated daily.

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