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Warena Mission & Vision

Warena’s vision is to create a fun and engaging game, with a developed Metaverse that gives the player a plethora of options into how, where, what and how they play. We strongly believe play-to-earn games can not only be a good investment, but also fun to play. Our focus at Warena is how to balance these two factors, while developing a game that allows it to serve the user and the community first. Each NFT is a unique digital asset with its own set of properties, advantages and rarity. As we update the game, each version will have new additions and add to the rich lore that is the Warena Metaverse. Our mission is simple; create an entertaining play-to-earn game that is driven and owned by the community, and once that economy is established, to further develop the game to bring value to both new and veteran players with increasingly fun and expansive play modes and ways to invest and explore the Metaverse.