Players can receive income in many different ways depending on the type of construction.

Resource Points

  • Active — users can play minigames to get resources →craft equipment and items → sell them on Marketplace.
  • Passive — build mining architecture to automatically receive resources for everyday → craft equipment and items → sell them on Marketplace.


  • Depending on the level of the House, a player can provide a number of rooms for the 2D NFT characters to live in and receive passive income according to the number of 2D NFTs living on that land.
  • When a user develops his/her House to a certain level and satisfies the specific requirements of each type, it is possible to build a farming architecture and put NFT 2D to work -> get more passive income and resources.


  • Guild owners and members can stake RENA to receive passive income in X% (the more RENA stake, the higher the % received).
  • The higher level and the more members a guild has, the higher the RENA staking limit that guild earns.