Warena World Map

A new world map will appear and it will be accessible to play. Resource land will be distributed and each player will need to buy land according to the hero characteristics that correspond to the warrior they own. Players can begin to acquire and contribute resources to their lands, which in turn allows their budding clans to grow in strength and wealth.

As the Warena Metaverse expands, new land areas will be released that will expand on the gameplay and earning potential for players. The first region released into the Warena Metaverse of Emporia is the Sarama Highlands, this area includes Eshuya City, the main city hub and portal to Emporia.

From the central city, players will play the role of reclaiming and expanding the territory. The Main City Hub (Eshuya City) has the following features:

  • Emporia’s Decentralized Finance zone (not available for sale)

  • Located right in the heart of the Sarama Highland area

  • Occupies an area of 20x20 slots

  • The main portal of the game when entering, where players can interact and experience the features of; Bank, Marketplace, Green House, etc.

Area 2: Moonlit Glades (yellow)

  • 200 slots available for presale in April 2022

  • More valuable than other areas with twice the spawn rate of Resource Points compared to other areas

Area 3: Forlorn Woods (Light green)

  • Second round sale area

  • Parameters and properties are average

Area 4: Deadthorn Lands (Bold Green)

  • Third round sale area

  • Own a low probability of discovering a Prehistoric Relic – the remnants of an ancient civilization. It is considered to be a particular type of Resource Point with many new uses.

Area 5: Terminus Veil (purple)

  • An unconquered wild nature area

  • Used to create special zones for players to experience adventures, organize events, etc.

The total land-use area of the Sarama Highland is 6400 slots:

  • Land open for sale to players – 6000 slots

  • Each Land slot will occupy an area of 10x10 pixels on the world map and have different parameters that directly affect the ability to exploit and use that land slot.

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