Kyros Venture

Warena partners with Kyros to help unlock Vietnam’s full potential!

Warena is thrilled to announce its partnership with Kyros Ventures, a pioneer and stalwart in Vietnam’s cryptocurrency and blockchain communities. Collectively, they are responsible for more than 100,000 active cryptocurrency investors and traders.

Together, Kyros can help act as a gateway for Warena to capture the full potential of the Vietnamese market. Through their incubation plan and localization strategies, Warena is sure to build strong momentum within Vietnam and receive support from the country’s highly active, crypto enthusiasts.

Despite having the 53rd largest economy on the globe based on gross domestic product, Vietnam placed 13th in realized Bitcoin gains for 2020, according to a survey by Cointelegraph. Vietnam was also surveyed to be the global leader in cryptocurrency adoption, with 41 percent of survey respondents claiming to have bought Bitcoin or another form of cryptocurrency. (

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