Bug bounty program - 3D Beta launch

The Bug Bounty Program is a way for Warena players to receive recognition and compensation for reporting bugs. This data will be used to resolve bugs before the public release of the Warena 3D Metaverse. Players who successfully report game bugs and follow report procedures will be rewarded for their efforts!

Rewards ๐ŸŽ

  1. 5 element types box NFTs set x1 + 200 $RENA

  2. Premium boxes x3 + 100 $RENA

  3. Mystery box x1 + 50 $RENA

All bug hunter: 20 essences

How to report a bug? ๐Ÿ”Ž

  1. Bug report form: https://bit.ly/3Rg6QPC

  2. Fill in the required information

  3. Attach relevant screenshots, gameplay, or scripts

  4. Submit

*Please note: Repetitive bugs only count one

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