Production Houses

Once you own land, you have the option to purchase multiple types of production accessories and facilities. The types of production facilities are listed below:

  • Defence house: This accessory will help strengthen walls and tiles. It can also extract a land’s resources to create new walls.

  • Resource-extraction house: Just like the name suggests, this accessory will help extract resources at a much faster rate. You can also extract more valuable and rare resources that can otherwise sometimes be missed.

  • Decorative house: This accessory accelerates experience gained from the many activities that take place within the land.

  • Energy power house: This accessory will extract and develop energy sources from existing resources. It can also power other facilities you own.

  • The main house: Maintain and create NFT resources. Upgrade and create more NFT-based assets.

  • The farmer creation house: Generate workers who will assist with resource extraction, building, and defence works.

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