Warena x Illuvium: NFT Cosplay Giveaway

Illuvium & Warena Cosplay Giveaway!

In the spirit of what a (real) metaverse should look like, Warena and Illuvium are partnering up on a special cosplay contest, open to all in the Illuvium and Warena communities!

The contest is quite simple!

· Join Warena Discord

· Follow Warena IG

· Join Illuvium Discord

But what is the cosplay event?

10 extremely unique, highly-customized NFTs are being minted by Illuvium that are a blend of both the Illuvium and Warena art styles! The contest runs from November 19th – Nov 29th 2021.

When the contest closes, the Illuvium and Warena teams will hold a random draw that includes both communities and pick the lucky winners. Winners will then have a 72-hour period to send their wallet address to a bot in a special channel set up just for this contest on the Illuvium Discord server.


Join the Illuvium Discord here: https://cutt.ly/ILVWarena

Join Warena’s Discord: https://bit.ly/warenadiscord

Follow Warena’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/warenaofficial/

Don’t wait and get in on this incredibly RARE event!!!

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