Guild System

Warena launches the Guild System with chatting, staking, and more

Guilds are linked to the land system in Emporia 3D. Therefore, players need to own land to create a Guild. The Guild feature allows players to connect with other players in the game. Through the Guild system, players can participate in some features only available to members in the Guild. New features include:

  • Chat

  • Market

  • Contribution

  • Quests

Each Guild is an NFT belonging to the Guild owner, and Guilds can be traded between players. Once the Guild is sold, the entire Guild will be transferred to the new Guild owner.

A player who currently doesn’t have Land can enter Warena 3D: Emporia Saga gameplay if he/she is a Guild member and play within the Guild Land.

Important notes:

  • Guild Land is the Land where all the guild members can access its Resource Points in the 3D Game. Guild also has its own Guild building.

  • Normal Land is the Land that doesn’t have a Guild created and only the owner can access its Resource Points in 3D Game.

Check out all about Guild System right here:

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What are you waiting for! Discover all the new possibilities and ways you can socialize, interact and level up using the Guild system. There has never been a better time to start your Guild today!

About Warena

Warena is a cross-chain play-to-earn sandbox game that is part of the Emporia Metaverse. Character-driven NFT fight for the survival of earth in an amazing post-apocalyptic sci-fi world. Emporia is the virtual world in which Warena takes place. Emporia is a finite virtual space that is purchasable, transferable, and mineable, featuring endless player utility and a variety of active and passive ways to utilize your assets to get the most out of the platform. Emporia has its own decentralized finance zone (Eshuya city) and variable terrains that provide different types of benefits to the owner based on location and topography. PLAY, EXPERIENCE, and MONETIZE using your in-game assets in a large variety of minigames and in-game activities.

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