Youtube Reaction Tournament

Warena Launches New Tournament for Community Reactions on YouTube!

Hello fellow warriors! With the launch of the 2D game and our new story trailer, we want to see some of the amazing reactions across our phenomenal community.

As such, the Warena team has just launched a brand new tournament across YouTube to see some of your amazing reactions — both to the game and the new story trailer being released.


The tournament has 2 reaction campaigns.

  • The first campaign is 2D Game Reaction #2DWReaction will run from 8 AM UTC January 25th — 8 AM UTC February 9th, 2022.

  • The second campaign is The Reckoning Trailer Reaction #TReaction will run from 8 AM UTC January 26th — 8 AM UTC February 10th, 2022.

Please note: Each participant is allowed ONE submission for each campaign. For those who have 2 submissions per campaign, we will only count your last submission.

I Don’t Know Anything About Warena!! How Do I Play???

  • First, you need to sign up for an account with Warena

  • Have 3 NFTs ready in your inventory

  1. Buy mystery boxes available on the Warena Marketplace

  2. Buy RENA from any of these sites: Pancakeswap | MEXC | | Coin98

  3. It costs 30 RENA to open 1 mystery box.

What Am I Reacting To & What Do I Do With My Video?

There will be 2 different reaction campaigns.

1. Warena Survival 2D Game Reaction

We want to see our community's reactions while playing the 2D game! We are looking for honest and creative reactions! In addition, you can also create a tutorial/game strategy for other players to follow. There will be three categories that the Warena team will judge:

  • The most creative (Team Warena pick)

  • The most educational (Team Warena pick)

  • The most loved by the community (Community pick)

Regardless of where winners place in this campaign, there will be W-Shred Stones given out to participants, perfect to upgrade NFT’s skill!

2. Warena Story: The Reckoning Trailer Reaction

The second campaign is to see everyone, regardless of whether they are registered players in Warena or not, react to our new story trailer. Warena's story trailer is Warena’s reimagining of the tale of Icarus and will be officially out on Jan 26, 2022. You will have 1 day to warm up and can read about ‘The Reckoning,’ a warena Story, HERE.

The Warena Marketing team will choose our top 10 favorites and these lucky winners will be given free NFT mystery boxes!

PLAY, EARN and REACT — How to participate

For our gamers entering the game reaction campaign:

  1. Record your own reaction, or your friends or family’s reaction while playing the 2D game.

  2. Upload your video to YouTube and make it public and include #WarenaSurvival2D #2DWReaction #WReaction

  3. Make sure to share it across all of your social media platforms to get as much engagement as possible!

Please submit your reaction to Warena 2D game HERE.

For everyone, including those who aren’t yet a registered player:

  1. Record yourself watching our new game story trailer <link TBU>

  2. Upload the reaction to Youtube and include #TheReckoning #TReaction #WReaction

Please submit your reaction to Warena Story: The Reckoning HERE

Did you say Something About Rewards?

As mentioned above, in the 2D reaction campaign, the most creative, the funniest and the most lovable by community videos will each be rewarded with 140 W-Sherd Stones. Apart from these 3 rewards, the rest of our participants will be rewarded thusly, based on reach and engagement. The rules are as follows”

  1. You’ll be asked to answer a question in our Gleam link to receive 100 bonus points

  2. The scoring system for community-pick prize is 1 view = 1 point, 1 like = 5 points, 1 comment = 10 points

After the points are tallied, the distributed rewards are:

  • Top 1 — 3 (Most Creative / Funniest /and Most Favorite): 140 W-Shred

  • Top 4–10: 75 W-Shred

  • Top 11–20: 50 W-Shred

The rest of the participants: 10 W-Shred

*W-Shred is the mineral needed to use in Upgrading your NFT’s skill. Its drop rate is really low compared to Level up items. 1 W-Shred = 10 EXP.

For the 10 winners for the trailer reaction, based on engagement:

#1: 3 Premium boxes

#2: 2 Premium boxes + 1 Lite box

#3: 1 Premium box + 1 Lite box

Top 4–10: 1 Lite box each

Warena just keeps on delivering some of the best campaigns to its community base. What are you waiting for? Record your reaction today!!!

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