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Warena Announces the Hiring of Diana Nikolova & Roderick McKinley - two Tokenomics Industry Leaders

Today Warena is massively excited to announce the hiring of two industry professionals, Roderick McKinley and Diana Nikolova, to advise on the games’ tokenomics.

Tokenomics are one of the most important aspects of any Play-to-Earn game. Indeed, it constitutes one the foundational pieces of a company. As such, it was a priority issue to have best-in-class advisors onboard to ensure that the tokenomics in Warena were sound.

Mr. McKinley has been appointed as advisor to 18 blockchain projects in 2021 thus far. Those that have already completed their IDOs have raised $15m between them.

He comes from a traditional finance background and is a CFA Charter Holder. He cut his skills modeling deals for infrastructure assets valued at billions of USD, and by helping business founders raise the first millions for their start-up ventures. Since pivoting into the blockchain space, he has applied his quantitative problem-solving skills to a diverse set of use-cases, including DeFi, NFT marketplaces, DEXes, blockchain games, and Layer-1 incentive design.

Ms. Nikolova has 18 years of Investment Banking experience, having worked at Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank and UBS. She was also an Investment Director at the tech fund Kinetik and was involved from the early stages of development for Arrival, a £9.5B Nasdaq listed electric bus & van start-up.

She took interest in blockchain and invested in ETH in 2018, and, having seen the sector mature, decided to use her expertise while leveraging her solid corporate finance experience to help blockchain startups get off to a strong start.

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