3D Metaverse Global Beta

The Warena 3D Metaverse is upon us! The game is ready for global players and we’re in the last stages of testing. Now is a great time for our community to experience the game first hand. We’ve gone over the game with a fine tooth comb, and are ready to get the community's feedback. The purpose of this open beta is to allow our dedicated players their first opportunity to enter the Warena 3D Metaverse, with a chance to earn rewards via the Bug Bounty Program.

OPEN BETA Dates: 28/9/22 - 12/10/22

Play on:

*Unfortunately, The Global Beta is not available on AppStore yet. Please wait until 10/30/2022 for the IOS version

*If you still want to test on an IOS device, Sign-up to join TestFlight version.

See next page on how to play the game 👉

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