Warena Ambassador Program

Become a Guardian of Warena
The team behind Warena has created a new Ambassador program titled “The Guardians of Warena”
The purpose of the Guardians program is to help all of the Warena communities around the world grow and let their voices be heard.
Engagement and Community are at the heart of Warena’s marketing efforts, both now and into the future. Thus, as a Guardian, you must be willing to inspire engagement through conversations, articles, campaigns, and events. Our team wants to nurture and grow every community, one user at a time - and we want your help to make sure we do it right!
So do you feel like you can help connect the game to relevant communities? Provide local insights that may be the Warena team does not have yet? Do you like educating and empowering people? If so, read on below!
What are the Guardian’s responsibilities?
As a Guardian, first you must choose your main role, which will be divided into 3 main categories: community engagement, content creation and video creator.
Within each role, there are a number of responsibilities & KPIs to meet. However, the underlying goal to help Warena grow and champion the game remains a constant.
The 3 main roles are titled Shvod, Baihu and Artemis
Shvod will handle community engagement. This person will collect feedback from their respective community and report to our internal team weekly. Of course, in order to do this, our Guardians must actively participate in discussions in their community and post and share the official Warena events that take place.
Baihu will be in charge of content creation, meaning that they will produce high-quality work related to the promotion of the game and share their work on social media platforms. Content can include articles, videos, posters, creative GIFs and any other quality content.
Artemis Guardians are specifically our video creators. They are masters at video creation and will make tutorials, tips, tricks and reviews of all aspects of the game. They should have their own channel and following, or create a new one on any major video platform.
The Benefits of Becoming a Guardian
First and foremost, Guardians are given elite status within the overall Warena community. Guardians are our guides, educators and the appointed voice of their community. Guardians will have weekly meetings with the Warena internal marketing team, allowing them to give critical feedback and suggestions on how to improve the game. Those in the ambassador program will also be privy to new information on upcoming events and updates before official release dates. Amongst many other benefits, there are of course KPI-based rewards as well.
The Guidelines on Becoming a Warena Guardian:
Participants: Everyone
Selection Criteria:
Firstly, those who want to be in the program should be active and enthusiastic, including actively exchanging in Warena's community groups. Applicants must have a positive attitude! Secondly, being familiar with the blockchain / NFT game industry and having trading experience is a huge added bonus!
KPI Requirements: https://bit.ly/AmbassadorKPIs
Applicants must
  1. 1.
    Fill in this Application Form
  2. 2.
    Complete a QUIZ about Warena
  3. 3.
    Based on the answers from both, successful applications will have a 30-minute interview with the Warena team. After interviews are completed, a Guardian team will be chosen.