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When will the IDO be?

The IDO occured on Dao Maker & Redkite on Oct 07 and Ignition launchpad on Oct 08.

Where did the IDO take place?

Ignition Redkite DAO Maker

Are private sales available?

Yes, but first look at the token metrics at https://bit.ly/3zEh0lf

Where can i get all the current game info?

Where can I read the current White Paper?

How can we play to earn with Warena?

Players can earn by just playing daily and achieving defined goals. There are also sale and lease options for NFTs in our marketplace

Where can players buy and sell NFTs? Are there any markets available?

Players can buy new warriors in the Warena marketplace. We are in talks with Open-Sea to also sell on their platform. We'll keep our player-base updated on new developments!

What makes Warena different from today's games?

Warena is the first personalized NFT game that will be set within an open Metaverse. Our players will have control over their warriors, and will own these warriors as NFT assets. The game will start as a 2D tower defence game before launching as a 3D open universe in 2022.

Will there be any airdrop and how to participate?

Yes there will be an airdrop - stay tuned for details !

Will the game launch on different platforms? PC or Mobile?

The game will first launch on the web and then be added for mobile users

Do you have anything regarding the exchange list information

We will list to DEX Pancakeswap first and later list to a CEX.

Who can people contact for promotions, AMA , proposals?

https://t.me/bdoan79 https://t.me/minhdoan https://t.me/sandytran15

Where can I find the contract address

Reach us on our global telegram group

Can we play the WARENA game without buying the nft?


Do NFTs contain rarity like other NFT P2E games, which help determine the price?

Yes, please read our whitepaper: https://warena.gitbook.io/warena/

Does WARENA provide an on-site marketplace to sell NFTs, instead of engaging with open-sea and other platforms?

Yes we will have our own marketplace

When do we expect the P2E to start after the IDO?

We will first launch the marketplace and then the game

Where can I buy the WARENA token after IDO?

You can buy them on decentralized and centralized exchanges.

Is WARENA a web-based game or a mobile App/PC App?

We will have both but the web version will launch first

Does WARENA take steps to prevent bots from taking advantage of P2E?

We are aware of this - and have measures in place.

Can we play against others?

Yes, there will be a PvP mode.

What platform is the project built on?

The game will be built on Unity The NFT can be deployed in different blockchains, such as BSC, Solana, etc.

I can't complete the airdrop task. It said "the value has already been taken. Please try again”

You need to click “Continue” and then write down the answer of the simple math question.

What is that means? The game has 2 types of tokens so which one to use for what?

The WARE token is the in-game token that can be used to upgrade warriors. The RENA token is a special token, as you can use it to stake (farming) and earn a portion of the revenue of the project.

WARE token is the main in-game currency so what platform is the token built on?

WARE is the in-game token and RENA is the governance token and they both are built on BSC

Can I decide what world I’ll go and play in?

Yes, we will sell land and there will be many types to choose from - you can pick the land you would like to own.

Is the private round still available to join?

It’s still ongoing

Is the WARE token price higher than its real value?

Our WARE token price is not too high - our current valuation is low which makes our market cap at TGE even lower.

What is the defined goal of the game?

We were inspired by Solo Leveling and Sword Art Online. We will create an open metaverse at the end of phase 2. You can see more detail on our roadmap.

Is this game buying its art form from the Polygon Apocalypse Pack?


"The value has been already been taken. Please try again" : What does this mean?

It means the Twitter account is already in use. Please try another account.

Do we need KYC to play a game?

No you don't

How many characters are there in Warena?

It's an unlimited collection. However, we use up to 3 warriors for every mode

Is this project suitable for all the countries?

We are currently focusing on SE Asian countries and some Eastern European ones to start

Is the BETA a browser game or an app?

will be on the browser

Why don’t we see VR technology on the road maps?

It is something we are looking into, but until there is something concrete we don't want to mention it. However, it more than likely will be available down the road!

What do you think the ROI will be when P2E is stabilized in the long run?

hard to say but as of now the token is doing very well!

What ROI are you guys expecting to implement?

this is a current WIP

To be able to play the game, do I need to buy a token first?

you need to buy NFT characters first

Why do some of your trailers show a 3d game?

Some video trailers imagine our metaverse, which is phase 2 - the current beta test is for the 2d game - please read our whitepaper and the deck

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