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Warena is a cross-chain decentralized Metaverse where players can invest, develop and earn using their in-game assets. The game focuses on the development of NFT characters, which can be leveled up and customized based on the player's resource usage. Players then use their NFT characters to further battle and gain more resources, to further improve their NFT and proceed further into the game. These characters are also part of a broader Metaverse, Emporia. In Emporia players can buy land-NFT to further establish their team of warriors, mine resources, develop guilds, organize events, and explore the Warena 3D world.

Phase 1: 2D Tower Defense Game

In the Tower Defence game, gameplay consists of using up to 3 warriors to battle through ever-increasingly difficult stages or to compete in PvP matches.

Rarity, skill and special abilities are the defining characteristics as to how strong, and thus how valuable the NFT warriors are considered. There are 4 rarity classes in Warena; Common, Rare, Epic, and Legend. All warrior rarities will have their own leveling system, with a cap dependent on the rarity.


Warena increases with difficulty with every subsequent level in the 2D Tower Defence game, this makes the act of leveling up a character the key component to the gameplay loop. Matches won will provide earnings in the form of resource rewards. These can then be used to level up and improve an NFT skill and ability level to provide a better chance to defeat higher levels. Which NFT are leveled up and partied together is the real strategy of the game, and players who can create the best warrior squads will have the most success, and thus reap the most reward.

Phrase 2: A Metaverse of Possibilities

Note: With the release of the 3D Warena Metaverse, the 2D Tower Defence game will remain up and running, as an alternative way to continue to accumulate in-game resources including $WARE

The beginning of the Warena 3D Metaverse finally brings the true potential of the Warena game ecosystem to fruition, both in terms of establishing the governing economy of the Warena world, but in expanding its gameplay options.

The same mechanics that governed warriors' rarities remain, and with the 3D game launch, players are able to expand upon their NFT collection. The main NFT that are available in the 3D Warena Metaverse are Land NFT and Architecture (roduction house) NFT.

The purpose of purchasing land NFT is to begin to mine for in-game resources. These resources will be needed to upgrade your warriors power level as well as perform daily transactions within the game’s market economy. At the center of the Warena Metaverse is Eshuya City, a DEX where players can transact, trade, and auction their NFT, as well as stake their NFT to earn passive rewards. The Warena Metaverse Emporia allows players to fully enter the virtual world that is Warena, earning both active and passive income, giving freedom to the player into how they want to invest and earn.

Resource Points

Resource points are places where special types of resources can be exploited or normal resources found but in more abundance. Every piece of land in Emporia has all three types of terrain (Soil, Forest, Water) but in different proportions, making each piece of land its own unique digital asset that provides a unique balance of resource mining opportunities. There are two ways of mining Resource Points:

  • Idle (Passive Income) - Build the corresponding mining architecture at that RP location for a daily passive income of the respective resource type.

  • Minigames (Active Income) - Instead of building architecture, everyday players can actively play minigames for each type of RP to receive corresponding resources.


Once a player owns a land NFT in the Warena Metaverse, they can also build on it. When there are enough resources (Wood, Rock, Iron) the player can build new architecture on their land by choosing from the available preset architectures.

Players can build two main types of housing; Main buildings and Production Houses.

The Main architecture of the land, players can only build 1 main structure and upgrade it gradually. There are many types of housing corresponding to the types of terrain; Farmland, Forest Tree House, Floating Water Home, or Guild Hall.

Note: Players must own a Warena Land NFT in order to start their own guild.

Production Houses are the main type of mining architecture and are used to exploit resources of a given terrain. The type of production house corresponds to its terrain; Mine (extracting minerals), Hunting Camp (hunting and harvesting animals), Orchards (harvesting berries), and Fishing House (raising, catching and selling fish).

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