FAQs - Warena 3D


Question 1: 2D Version NFT: Is it playable? Or usable in a 3D game?

Yes, you can use the 2D character to play the 3D games + "play and earn" feature is sure to have soon on Warena 3D.

To be specific: Now, you can use your NFT to auto farming/mining/hunting in the “production house” → Collect items your NFT get every 4 hours

Question 2: How to play in the 3D game?

  • Step 1: Log into the game. In the location section, enter any address in the range: X: 45 → 54 Y: -95 → -56 (-94, -93,...)

  • Step 2: If you currently do not own NFT land, you can join a guild to be able to play. View more at LINK.

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