Guide for Beginners

What is Warena?

With the vision of bringing blockchain games to mass adoption, Warena is the world’s first cross-over Play-to-earn Game that allows you to live, play and earn in a cross-metaverse using your personalized NFT character.

Warena is not your typical NFT game. Our players get to immerse themselves in their character and engage in thrilling action-survival gameplay throughout two phases. Phase 1 is entitled Survival and is a 2D game whereas Phase 2 is called the ‘Warena Metaverse’ and will be a 3D game.

Following the beta test participated by over 15,000 players, Warena, the first game that offers a combination of NFT technology, metaverses, and engaging mechanics to solve cross-game compatibility problems, is bringing out its 2D game version on January 19.

Players can benefit from the improved play-to-earn mechanics provided in Warena 2D. Every player can roll for a chance of earning unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and items. Participating in the in-game economy helps players create value for themselves, other players, and the project in the long run.

How to begin your journey with Warena?

1. Create your own Metamask

  • Go to and click on Download

  • Choose the option that you wanna go with: Chrome/iOS/Android

  • Check more details about installing Metamask HERE

2. Connect the Binance Smart Chain network to Metamask

  • In Metamask, select Settings from the dropdown menu

  • Locate the Networks menu, then choose to Add a network

  • Fill in the information as below:

Network Name: Smart Chain


ChainID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

  • Hit Save and you’re good to go

3. Start your account on Warena Marketplace

4. Learn about Warena’s NFT stats

Each NFT has its own unique set of stats. NFT’s starting stats are determined by their races and rarities (plus other bonuses applied during the playing process).

Warena NFT stats include 4 bases:

  • Attack

  • Attack Speed

  • HP

  • Mana

Read about what exactly each stat is used for in our Docs HERE

5. Get yourself a NFT team to play

A team of 3 NFTs is the best to play Warena. You can get the NFT from the Mystery Box on Warena Marketplace via the ongoing Public Sale

📌 Buy NFT on Warena Marketplace:

📌 Buy NFT on BinanceNFT:

📌 Buy NFT on TreasurelandNFT:

6. Download Warena Game

Start play and earn with Warena on:

▶️ Android:

▶️ iOS:

▶️ Web:

Ways to Earn in Warena

1. Earn from playing

One thing straightforwardly, you can earn directly our $WARE token from playing.

$WARE is the main currency earned while playing the game, used to level up warriors and purchase items. In rare cases, $RENA can also drop as a reward, but for the matter of discussion, we’ll stick with $WARE.

Currently, there will be 4 main ways to earn the $WARE currency in-game.

  • Daily Quest

  • Adventure

  • One-time Milestones

  • Weekly Rank Challenge

The daily quest will have fixed token earnings and be the daily grind for all users.

Adventure on the other hand will be a series of claimable rewards for passing missions or stages as a player plays the game. After a series of stages are completed, there will also be one-time claimable rewards for reaching certain milestones.

Lastly, for the weekly top 100 players, there will be additional rewards based on a predetermined ranking method.

Play Warena: Survival 2D at

Check How much you will get when playing in this docs here:

2. Earn from investing in $WARE & $RENA

It’s as simple as it sounds — once the game launches on Jan. 19th, 2022, both tokens will only increase in value as the game gains popularity and growth. HODL!

3. Earn from Trading Boxes and NFTs

The Warena Marketplace allows for the purchase, sale, and (eventually) lease and trade of mystery boxes and NFTs. Thus if you accumulate a large number of either and are not using them on your squad, you are able to sell them to other players who might be in need of what you are holding!

4. Earn from NFT leasing

Warena NFTs are going to become very valuable, but we wish to create the opportunity for players to take part in playing with awesome character NFTs regardless of their background.

To facilitate this Warena will also be developing inbuilt leasing options into the marketplace, for use by the owners of NFT assets.

Owners can set a fee that they claim from $WARE and $RENA earned by the lessee inside the game while playing with the rented warrior, with Warena claiming a share of the lessor’s fee.

5. Earn from Staking $RENA and Legend NFTs

$RENA holders will be given the option to share in Warena’s revenues by staking their tokens.

The pooled funding staking disbursements will initially be set to 5% of all treasury proceeds. The APY paid out to those who stake will depend on the number of revenues earned by the platform and the total quantity of $RENA staked in a given period. The yield to those who stake will be denominated in the $RENA token.

Taking into account that the $RENA token is mainly designed for staking and governance, the Warena team came up with a distinct path to access these staking rewards that are achieved by means of gameplay achievements.

This was one of the main motivations behind the introduction of the “legend” NFT character class. Legend NFTs will be the only staked-asset NFT warrior.

This means that legendary characters are able to generate multiple streams of revenue:

  1. Gameplay revenue generated by the owner

  2. A share of gameplay revenue generated by a lessee

  3. Staking APY yield from platform revenue shares

As with all new platforms under development, the aforementioned information, in total, can be subject to change.

More to Come

If you still have more questions, please reach out to us through Telegram or Discord. The game is only just launching and there is going to be a tremendous amount of content and challenges to explore and experience.

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