When there are enough of the necessary resources (wood/rock/iron) the player can build new architecture in his land by choosing from the available preset architectures.

Main Building

The main architecture of the land, you can only build 1 main structure and upgrade it gradually.

  • Home โ€” There are many types of housing corresponding to the types of terrain.

  • Farmland โ€” Homestead, farms of the reclaimers.

  • Forest โ€” Treehouse, houses built on trees for the forester.

  • Water โ€” Floater, floating houses on the water.

  • Guild Hall โ€” Guild headquarters, players need to buy land and build a Guild Hall if they want to create a Guild.

Production House

Resource Point mining architectures.

  • Requires corresponding RPs and necessary resources (wood/rock/iron) to build.

  • Each RP can build a corresponding mining architecture.

Hunter Camp โ€” hunting and harvesting animals

Mine โ€” extracting valuable minerals from the RP

Orchard โ€” harvesting berries

Fishing House โ€” rearing, catching and selling fish

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