📚How To Play

Join the Global Beta: https://play.warena.io/game/phase-2


You can use the default Avatar or create your own personalized Avatar by uploading a picture, the game will automatically render a new 3D Avatar for you based on the uploaded picture.

*Caution: The uploaded picture must be front facing to ensure the best quality of the rendered Avatar.

*This feature is not available in the Global Beta.

Getting Started

Your character will appear in the Survival Land. For land owners, this is the real version of their own purchased lands. For non-owner players they will be provided a sample land with the same size as real land to try out.

The only equipment you have with you is the Omni-Tool, standard gear provided by Emporia for all explorers of the new land. It will help you extract all kinds of different resources. However, to unlock its true potential, you will need to upgrade it to higher Tier.

To start with, use your Omni-Tool to extract some resources at resource spawn points. There are 5 different kinds of spawn points for the 5 types of extracting actions

*Caution: Check your Energy. You only have 200 Energy, and each extracting action will cost you 10 Energy. Energy will automatically recover 20/hour, or you can drink Energy Potion for immediate recovery.

The resource spawn locations available are limited and only respawn 20/day. So resources will be scarce over time if you extract without control. Try to balance between extracting and letting nature recover. It’s an important thing to do, whether in-game or in real life.

Level up your Survival Skills

Your characters have 5 Survival Skills that relate to the 5 extracting actions. Hunting, Lumbering, Fishing, Mining, and Foraging. Each skill starts at Level 1 and reaches Max at Level 10. You can level up your Survival Skills by extracting resources of the same type or by playing the corresponding Minigame (currently, there’s only Mining and Foraging Minigame available in this beta test).

Level-up Survival Skills will give you a higher chance of success when extracting resources, especially high-rank resources. Also higher skill level will give you an advantage when playing the corresponding Minigame.

You can check your current skill level and EXP required to the next level in the Skill tab of the Character Screen.

Crafting Components

You can craft components for new items from the raw materials extracted. Open up the Craft/Build Screen and select the Craft tab. There you can see all components you can craft and the required materials.

Things you can craft in this Open Beta Test

  • Components for upgrading Omni-Tool up to Tier 5

  • Components for building Minigame Structures

  • Components for building your Home Structure

  • Protein, for building Energy Potions

Building is for making new items from the components you crafted. Building costs Energy, while Crafting doesn’t.

You should definitely

  • Upgrade Omni-Tool, because higher tier Omni-Tool allows you to extract higher Rank resources and increase the quantity extracted.

  • Make Energy Potions because they are the only way to instantly recover your Energy unless you prefer to wait and recover at the rate of 20/hour.

Complete Quests

In this beta test, there are Quests to check your progress in the game. You should check the Quest list regularly and try to complete these quests.

  • Main Quest - Reward you with Energy Potions

  • Daily Quest - Refresh daily, and reward yourself with Energy Potions and Empty Potions to make even more Energy Potions.

If you are lucky and your land has Resource Points, congratulations, you can build Minigame Structures to unlock Minigames to play. Minigames are very fun and can help you gather resources more efficiently than normal extracting methods. As long as you still have Energy you can keep playing Minigames and farm resources to your heart’s content.

There are 4 Minigames to play, each corresponding to a different type of resource (Fishing/Hunting/Mining/Foraging). Good luck and enjoy, Warenators!!!

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