DAO Maker

The Warena project is delighted to announce that it has partnered with DAO Maker - a key player in the decentralized space.

The partnership with DAO Maker is a vital step in the development and scaling of the Warena project, as well as a milestone for its global traction. Given the core competencies of the DAO Maker platform, and its ability to fast-track projects in development and market fielding, the partnership is certain to give Warena access to new markets and liquidity.

DAO Maker helps create funding frameworks for start-up companies, and Warena will be able to effectively tap into a larger community base, while also relying on DAO Maker’s experience to create a more stable environment for end-users. By leveraging the launchpad capabilities of DAO Maker, Warena will be able to attract a larger base of potential investors and scale its metaverse further, adding new functions and features for users seeking unique experiences. In addition, the incubation services, operations and advisory services, as well as project analysis offered by the DAO Maker platform will add value to Warena, allowing it to improve existing product offerings as well as develop new ones. Furthermore, it is an ecosystem where a project’s community can effectively leverage their mutual resources for the betterment of the token they hold.

DAO Maker is a leader in blockchain SaaS solutions, token economics design, and community creation. Among the key features of DAO Maker is Social Mining, which allows companies to categorize acquired holders, and to further vet, train, and deploy these users as skilled contributors to the ecosystem. This allows community efforts to be automated, while simultaneously placing the community in the driving seat. Another key function is dTeams – a direct plug-in for companies yearning for rapid progress. It streamlines influx of contributions through a range of different applications and instruments – all at the users disposal. dTeams resembles the ideal infrastructure boost and allows easy monitoring through its universally applicable CRM approach.

Warena is the first heavily-personalized and Play-to-Earn NFT Metaverse game. The Warena metaverse features two types of tokens – the Fungible Token and the Non-Fungible Token (NFT), both of which are used for allowing players to experience the full depth of gameplay. The game also features PvE (player vs environment), PvP (player vs player) and PvP Arena (player vs players) modes, making for an exciting combination of genres that can appeal to a broad audience of players across platforms and eras of gaming.

The partnership with DAO Maker is an important step for Warena, giving the development team the confidence necessary to continue scaling the project and its community.

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