Earn Active Income with Minigames in Resource Points

Names and design of the minigames are not yet final, any pictures used are for illustrative purposes only.

1. Whack-A-Mole

  • With a mallet in hand, the player is faced with some holes, each hole having a mole holding a mineral and ready to pop up. When a mole pops up, you must hit it with the mallet to win the mineral it’s holding.

  • The more combo you hit, the higher the quality/quantity of minerals received.

  • The playing duration depends on the character’s mining skills.

2. Hunting

  • Point the bow towards the direction you want to shoot, press, and hold until it reaches a certain power level, then release the bowstring to hit the animal you want to kill.

  • Each animal has a different amount of HP and requires different damage to kill.

  • Damage and shooting speed depends on the character’s hunting skills.

3. Fruit Picking

  • Pick the fruit by remembering and choosing the correct position of 2 of the same fruits in the game.

  • The playing duration depends on the character’s picking skills.

4. Fishing

  • Choose a place to drop and wait for the fish to bite the hook, then press the button at the right time to catch the fish.

  • The playing duration depends on the character’s fishing skills.

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